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Dear Parents and Students,

Praise and thanks be to Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother Mary!

I have received numerous thoughtful, complimentary, and encouraging notes and calls from parents recently regarding my new position as Interim Principal. Thank you all for your continued patience and faith. St. Paul’s Catholic School will continue in the pursuit of high quality classical education and faith formation as we continue in-person instruction while maintaining high standards of health and safety.

Please note the following updates:

  *   Masks are highly recommended for teachers, staff, students, and visitors during school hours effective 11/30/2020-12/4/2020.
  *   We will continue to hold classes in-person from Monday through Friday for the next three weeks of school.
  *   We will continue Friday classes including clubs, activities, and electives .
  *   We will continue social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitization, disinfection and cleaning protocols.
  *   When dropping your children for school, please do not visit the classrooms or school office.  If you have business to conduct with the office, please visit between 9:00am and 11:00am when classes are in session or visit after the close of the school day beginning at 3:00pm.
  *   Our second quarter ends on Friday, December 18, 2020 with a half day schedule. There will be no clubs, activities or electives. Students will finish the semester with their homeroom teachers. Lunch will not be served in the cafeteria on 11/18/20.

Please keep our at-risk family members in your prayers as we persevere.  On that note, I am trusting teachers, staff, parents, and students to be conscientious in these coming weeks.  We will continue to take measures to make our campus safe. We will continue to limit class sizes and spacing of desks to ensure a safe learning environment.

A gentle reminder, if you are ill or showing fever, persistent cough, or flu-like symptoms, please stay home.  If you or someone near you tests positive, alert the school office.  We want everyone to be well and continue to receive an excellent education this winter.  During times of stress, it falls on each of us to rise to the occasion with honesty, integrity, and care for others.  I am very pleased to see the conscientious attitude of all thus far.

I look forward to seeing everyone return to school for classes, in-person, on the morning of Monday, November 30, 2020.

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday and the early close of the school last week, I also write to express my great appreciation to the teachers and staff of St. Paul’s Catholic School for successfully meeting the challenges of keeping academic instruction in-person during a pandemic. I am thankful for our teachers’ continued hard work, perseverance and dedication to our school families this quarter. I am grateful for you, parents and grandparents, who entrust your children to our care.

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. I pray you find peace as you await in joyful hope this coming Advent season. Here’s to continued academic pursuits and an increase in service to our school, parish, and community for the Glory of God.


Sara R. Harris
Interim Principal

St. Paul’s Catholic School