Advisory Board

The advisory board acts in a consultative capacity to the pastor and principal. In other words, the advisory board does not make policy nor are members responsible for the actions of the school, but they do offer advice, ideas and support to the pastor and principal, who do make policy and do have legal and fiduciary responsibility. Advisory board members have limited liability. This differs from the public school boards of our surrounding communities.

The board meets monthly and open sessions are open to all stakeholders. The work done in meetings or special sessions is critical to the successful operation of our school. Parent input is welcome. Information regarding time and location of committee meetings will be posted on the school's calendar. While the advisory board meetings may include closed sessions, parents may request to the president of the board to be put on the agendum in order to speak to the board directly. The person will be given a time to enter the meeting and address the advisory board.

It is important to note that the board is not organized to address grievances. That process is directed to the principal and then, if necessary, the pastor of the school.

Committee Members

St. Paul's Catholic School Advisory Board 2023-2024:

  • Pastor: Fr. Justin Brady
  • President: Cara Morales
  • Vice President: Laura Reeping
  • Secretary: Matt Walling
  • Financial Rep: Racquel Maness
  • PTO Rep: Tamara Hahn
  • Parent Rep: Debbie Valadez

Ex-Officio Members
  • Principal: Stephany Herrera
  • Teacher Reps: Sean Swalling & Alissa Clackler