Our History, Our Future

The Past

St. Paul's Catholic School has been providing the only Catholic education in Canyon County since 1922.

The school has been supported by religious either entirely or to a limited extent until the 21st century. Dominican Sisters were the first teachers at St. Paul's and lead classroom instruction until 1929, after which time the leadership transferred to the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Ten years later the school passed to Benedictine Sisters until 2001 when our beloved Sister Scholastica Uhlenkott retired to the Monastery of St. Gertrude in Cottonwood.

The Present

Our current faculty is comprised of devoted parishioners who dedicate themselves to the mission of the parish to raise the next generation of faith, Catholics who shape the world toward the good as they strive to manifest the Kingdom of God here in Idaho and beyond, under the guidance and assistance of our Parish Pastor and school Principal.

St. Paul's is the vanguard Catholic school in the provision of education for the entire Treasure Valley. We are accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA), the same program used by all Catholic schools in Idaho, but we approach education as a manifestation of faith in the spirit of Saint Pope John Paul II, who confirmed that intellect and faith are not exclusive but complementary in the soul's ascent to the Father.

"St. Paul's Catholic School, in union with family and Church, provides a Catholic education that promotes Christ-like behavior, and ensures individual academic excellence."

Our Mission

Saint Paul's Catholic school is the nexus, the meeting place, between your family and our Church, the place that is then our family and our Church. It is a place of joy, love, peace, and virtue where students learn how to learn, how to think, how to treat others. Our values support yours, the values of our faith culture that has lifted society for two thousand years from the atheistic culture of selfish pursuits to the higher and more beautiful goal to make ourselves a gift for others. We recognize the danger of losing our Catholic culture; as Our Lord warns in Matthew (5:13), "if the salt shall lose its savor," how will we regain our saltiness. The salt of our school life is love, joy, peace and virtue. We believe with conviction that living a life in Christ will transform us and the world, one soul at a time.

At St. Paul's Catholic School:

  • Your children will learn and grow in a nurturing community that supports a living faith.
  • Your children will receive a quality Catholic education that enables them to become contributing members of the Church and Society.
  • Your children will be provided a distinctively Catholic education through the integration of Catholic beliefs and values in all learning experiences.
  • Your children will receive a Catholic education in partnership with family, parish and the community, as a means of developing learners who can contribute positively to the Church and Society.

At St. Paul's Catholic School we offer a student-centered learning environment that:

  • Fosters the development of the whole person in mind, in body, in spirit and in soul.
  • Approaches God through perception of the true, the beautiful, and the good.
  • Analyzes and makes meaning of broad general knowledge of the liberal arts: literature, history, religion, mathematics, the sciences, and the arts.
  • Models love of neighbor in all our plans, actions, conversations, and efforts to include every single member of our community. Everyone is our neighbor.
  • Offers elective opportunities according to personal interest in sports, technology, science, religion, theology, spelling, geography, engineering, speech, drama, catechism, and crafts.
  • Provides a safe learning environment in which everyone is respected as a gift of God.
  • Teaches communication skills effectively in all classes and activities.
  • Promotes Christ-like behavior in all learners as a basis of school discipline by the emphasis of the virtues (temperance, prudence, justice, and fortitude), by adhering to the teachings of the Church through the Theology of the Body (We are gifts to each other.) and the Catechism of the Good Shepherd (We are innately in communion with God.) and through the example of the saints-all three schools (Kindergarten, grammar, and middle (logic) schools) have patron saints, Francis, Benedict and Ignatius respectively, and each class has its own patron saint.

The Future

In 2013 our parish opened the new St. Paul's Catholic Church, just a few miles from the old location. The new church and event center buildings were phase one of our capital projects. The school to follow in the next phase.

St. Paul's parish has started the Phase II of its capital campaign. St. Paul's Catholic School is excited as this includes building a new daycare, preschool, elementary and middle school at the location on Roosevelt Avenue in Nampa.

The project continues to move forward as we look to create the best educational campus for our students. We are currently in the silent phase of fundraising. We appreciate your prayers for the breaking of ground and are blessed by your donations. We look forward to sustaining our mission, and increasing enrollment and programs for future generations.

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