Mateo (Matt) Walling

Mateo (Matt) Walling graduated from St. Paul's Catholic School and Bishop Kelly High School and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Gonzaga University in 2016, where he was a recipient of the Fisher Communications Scholarship for Minorities. He is currently the Assistant Program Director/Music Director for 103.5 KISS FM of Townsquare Media in Boise.

"My grandma has been my rock since the day I was born. Now that she snowbirds to Texas, I don't get to see her as much. But she is here for the summer and today we drove around Nampa and talked about all of the places we used to go when I was young. I spent seven days a week with her, preschool through 8th grade. She drove me to and from St. Paul's Catholic School every single day during those years.

St. Paul's school did so much for me and I wouldn't have been able go there without this special lady. Today, we went back to where it all began, only this time I drove her - as a college graduate, like I promised her I would be. Days like these, I will never forget."

Zachary Schrag

Laura Alvarez Schrag's son Zachary was the co-valedictorian of Bishop Kelly Catholic High School's Class of 2019 and will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on the Presidential Scholarship in Fall 2019:

"We chose St. Paul's Catholic School because we wanted to have our children in a healthy learning environment which aligned and reinforced our core values. The small class sizes and school community were also important aspects.

"We feel strongly that it was the best decision for our children and our family. A Catholic education is focused on academic and spiritual learning and growth. Having a supportive school and parish community is a significant contributor to the children's success.

"The investment is far beyond the academics, it is about developing the whole person and throughout the process, helps strengthen the whole family. The greatest experiences and memories are the life-long relationships formed as a result of having our children attend St. Paul's Catholic School. Many families have maintained a strong connection as we our children have attended high school and college. We have continued to support each other and our children as they continue to learn and grow in their education and their faith.

"Being able to form such extraordinary relationships and the strong community commitment to our children was a result of attending St. Paul's School."

Lucas Atencio

Lucas Atencio, the son of Henry Atencio and Dianne Loeffen, graduated in 2019 from Bishop Kelly Catholic High School summa cum laude, which represents highest honors attaining a weighted grade point average of 4.0 or better. He will attend Grand Canyon University on a Presidential Scholarship in Fall 2019:

"We chose to enroll both our children at St. Paul's to provide them the opportunity to get an education in a Catholic-focused school. We quickly knew and believe today that we made the correct decision.

"Our children flourished at St. Paul's Catholic School and Bishop Kelly High School. They are both independent thinkers and well-prepared for college. We are most proud of Their knowledge and understanding of their community through various community service opportunities.

"For other parents, we would say this is an opportunity to provide your child with a great education and to grow in their Catholic faith. The faculty and staff and St. Paul's truly care about each student."